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About Baby Llama


Our goal is to help you find the right pack and necessary gear for all of your adventures. We have curated a variety of outdoor gear, business travel, and even some urban transportation. If we don’t have what you are looking for just let us know!

Share your adventures, find inspiration, discover tips and tricks for successful trips. Baby Llama is more than a store. It’s also a community of fellow travelers. Become a member of the Baby Llama Community and earn discounts by blogging about your adventures, reviewing our products and sharing our store. We strive to offer high quality products at prices that compete with the mega stores.

Our commitment: To help under-privileged students who need financial aid for travel, summer camps, after-school programs, class field trips and foreign exchange.  We are currently developing a mobile social media platform that would enable students to apply for a grant. Incentive plans designed to help raise funds within their communities and  our online community.

As a customer you can choose the student you wish to sponsor and half of the profit goes towards their goal. You get to track progress through their community page and see photos or video of the trip.

About the Shop Keeper

"It is all about the love of Adventure"


Welcome fellow travelers and adventure seekers. My fondest childhood memories are family vacations. Seeing new places, having new adventures, meeting new people, the wonder of nature and the joy that is experienced by soaking in the all beauty the planet has to offer. That adventurous spirit has stayed with me into adulthood. I have lived in many places, met some amazing people, and have had adventures I will treasure for the rest of my life. Before my partner and I met we both desired to take a chance and move to a brand-new location where we eventually bumped into each other. Traveling is a gift I give to my soul. The most valuable part of that gift is the connections and friendships that are made with the people I’ve encountered along my journeys. In the story of my life, the chapters are my travels, but it’s the characters I bump into along the way that makes the story so rich and inspiring.


Baby Llama was created with the thought, “wouldn’t it be great if there was a store that specialized in one-bag traveling?” I’ve learned the hard way, traveling with too much stuff is a burden. Packing light, keeping it simple, and knowing I have only exactly what I need frees my mind so I can enjoy the adventure.


Whether your packing for a day at a festival or a cross country road trip there is the right bag out there for any situation and I strive to make the best of those bags available at Baby Llama. Here you will find a collection of utilitarian but stylish bags and accessories that I think are cool and nifty. If you don’t find a specific item you’re looking for, please let me know and I will do my best to make it available in the store. Thanks for shopping and sharing!