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I hope this message finds you all happy and well. We have successfully tested our new e-commerce site and are happy to say the shopping part of the site works! Although we have much to do to grow into a viable online business, our first hurdle has been jumped. Now we wish to test the community element of the site and would like your help.

The Baby Llama community is a place you can go to share your travel adventures, meet new friends, share or explore travel tips and hacks, recommendations and warnings. It works kinda-like FB. You can develop friends and create or join groups and It is where you can offer reviews of the products you get from the store. But let’s keep this community all about adventure and inspiration and leave all other topics for FB. Share photos of your travels and favorite places.  Share stories about your trips and perhaps fun facts about the places you visit. I don’t expect that this is going to be a place that you will hang out on but a creative outlet and a place to discover inspiration to get outdoors and travel more often.

Here is what you can do to help. Go to and create an account, then enter the community page and tell us a story of the first trip you can recall as a child, or an adventure you will never forget.

Happy Travels,

Carrie & John and Freida and Twiggy

P.S. You get 100 points just for signing up and can redeem it on any product from our store, even sale items, for an additional 10% off. You also get an additional 10% off on your first order. Once you recieve a product you can earn additional points and even share those points with family and friends. 

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