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    Unidirectional Fiberglass Fabric For Pipe
    Unidirectional Fiberglass Fabric For Pipe is a FRP composite based on 90°weight, attaching (50-500)g/m2 CSM or Nonwoven fabric on the bottom.
    The weight of the weft direction is 150-1200g/m2, the width is from 5-210 inches.
    This fabric is suitable for Polyester resin, Vinyl resin, Epoxy resin, Phenolic resin etc. It is mainly used in FRP pipes, containers industry etc.

    1. High Strength
    2. Quick Wet out

    The main usage is pipeline industries.
    Such as FRP pipe, FRP tank, FRP chimney, rod material, pole material, water tower, vessel and pultrusion techniques in width direction reinforcement.
    General unidirectional fiberglass fabric for pipe Speciation
    STYLETotal Weight (g/m2)0° Layer (g/m2)90° Layer (g/m2)Mat (g/m2)RESIN COMPATIBILITY
    ET227227/223/UP or Epoxy resin
    260/UP or Epoxy resin
    ET300307/300/UP or Epoxy resin
    ET350357/350/UP or Epoxy resin
    ET400407/400/UP or Epoxy resin
    ET450459/450/UP or Epoxy resin
    ET525536/525/UP or Epoxy resin
    ET300-M300609/300300UP or Epoxy resin
    Fiberglass reinforced material factory