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    Xinxiang Changjiang Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd. produces and supplies various types and specifications of wheel groups. Our company has advanced casting processing capability, strong mechanical processing strength, high-quality assembly team, perfect testing methods and techniques, and professional and considerate after-sales service.
    The crane wheel group is a mechanical device consisting of a wheel and a shaft, a bearing and a bearing housing. The crane wheel group is generally used to support the crane and the load, and helps the crane travel on a specified track repeatedly. The application of the crane wheel group is relatively complicated, and different technical methods are adopted according to different product structures. However, the application focus of the crane wheel group is to control the horizontal deflection of the wheel of the running wheel group. The design structure that is more commonly used in the daily work and the relatively simple process design is: assembling the wheel to the bracket to form the running crane wheel group. The composition of the crane wheel group is generally high-quality cast steel, because the general damage of the wheel is wear, pitting and hardened layer crushing, so in order to increase the wear resistance of the wheel surface and service life , it is generally used relatively hard materials with larger quenching depth.Crane Wheel Blocks